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Garantili Halı Temizliği

Carpets are items that get dirty and stains very quickly in crowded places. It has a very dirty appearance when there is a stain on the light carpets. Stain removal and washing processes are needed to get rid of this uncomfortable situation. Hurma carpet washing provides guaranteed washing service for your stained and dirty carpets. Your carpets are guaranteed to be clean and free from stains. Thanks to the washing process with carpet washing machines and shampoos, even the most difficult dirt can be removed. Your washed, dried and specially packaged carpets are delivered to your address.
Address Washing
Difficult stains and dirt as well as rugs can be found on the seats. It is much more difficult to remove the stains on the seats. Special equipment is required for dirt and stains on the floors on the sofa and couch. Hurma seat washing washes the seats you use anywhere, making them spotless and clean. It will be advantageous in terms of time to wash the seats where they are without having to be moved to another place. All you need to do is to ventilate the environment with the seats for as long as the drying time.
Special Processing for Your Quilts
Quilts are seen as another item where dirt is collected and stains are formed. You can take advantage of the Hurma quilt washing service for quilts that are used a lot in the winter months, with dirt and stains and smells like sweat. After the cleaning process, you can have a comfortable sleep on your clean duvets. Amazing app builder

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